GPS ProXRT Receiver

Key features:

  • H-Star technology for decimeter or subfoot accuracy in the field, either in real-time or after postprocessing
  • OmniSTAR HP, XP, or VBS technology for worldwide decimeter to submeter accuracy in the field
  • Optional support for GLONASS, including G2, an optional service to OmniSTAR HP providing GLONASS corrections
  • Tracking of the Galileo GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B test satellites for signal evaluation and test purposes
  • Rugged receiver able to work in extreme temperatures with an internal all day battery
  • Choice of field device, field software, and setup style to suit your requirements

Whether you need to relocate buried pipes and cables, or accurately map underground assets and critical infrastructure, the Trimble® GPS Pathfinder® ProXRT receiver has it all. This real-time receiver can achieve decimeter (10 cm / 4 inch) accuracy, giving you the confidence to know the job was done right while you're still on site. Combining H-Star™ technology, OmniSTAR support, and with the option of GLONASS support on top of dual frequency GPS, the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver is a truly versatile solution offering you the accuracy you need, worldwide.

The GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver brings Trimble H-Star technology to the field in real time; just connect to a VRS™ network or a local base station correction source and you can collect decimeter to subfoot (<30 cm) positions in the field.

Alternatively, OmniSTAR HP can be used to achieve real-time decimeter accuracy. The OmniSTAR antenna is integrated so there's no need to carry any extra equipment—just purchase a subscription and wait for the over the air corrections. The GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver is also capable of using the OmniSTAR XP (20 cm accuracy) and VBS (instantaneous submeter accuracy) services.

Installing the GLONASS option on your GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver increases the number of GNSS satellites that you observe when working in the field. GLONASS improves your ability to maintain lock on enough satellites to keep working when sky visibility becomes limited, letting you work for longer in tough environments. Tracking GLONASS satellites as well as GPS satellites can also improve productivity by reducing the time required to achieve decimeter or subfoot accuracy, either in real-time or after postprocessing. G2, an optional service to OmniSTAR HP that provides GLONASS corrections is also supported by the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver with GLONASS option.

The GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver includes the latest generation of Trimble 360™ receiver technology that enables the tracking of the Galileo GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B test satellites for signal evaluation and test purposes, through the Web Browser interface available with the NMEA optional upgrade.

This receiver not only offers a range of positioning technology, but gives you the flexibility to choose your setup options. Team up the ProXRT receiver with your choice of field computer and Trimble software. Choose a pole for added precision or a backpack for your convenience and added comfort.

The GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver delivers a winning combination of decimeter accuracy with real-time positioning, taking GIS data collection to a whole new level. No matter where in the world you work, the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver can offer you a complete real-time decimeter solution with H-Star technology or OmniSTAR HP.

Terms and Conditions :

1) Rates above are subject to a minimum rental of 14 days.
2) A deposit to the amount of the retail price of the GPS unit is required.
3) Confirmation of booking is subject to availability of the GPS unit upon reservation.

Sales Person

For all questions regarding rental and the administration, please contact :

Mrs. Sulwana Abdullah (Sale Person)
03-4107 4355/104